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Bury St Edmund's Classes

Classes are every Friday at The Centre, St Johns Street, IP33 1SN, and are only £6 per person per class.

Class 1 - 18:15pm - 19:15pm
Class 2 - 19:30pm - 20:30pm

Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes early before the class begins to avoid interrupting the beginning of the class.

All of my classes are Hatha style yoga and are suitable for those new to Yoga and those who are more experienced. My class begins with a short relaxation to allow the mind to become still and to draw your awareness inward to become focused on your practice. 

We then shall continue with our Surya Namaskar A and B (Sun Salutations) to warm up the body before we move on to our monthly practice. All postures can be modified to suit individuals.

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